Prevent Winter Dehydration and Fatigue

As Autumn moves into Winter and the days become shorter, you might feel tired much earlier in the day. An early night, or a sleep-in, seems like bliss. You’re eating or craving comfort food more often. You notice that you are snacking more, overeating and eating more...

Stress and Eating Habits

When you're stressed, just about every other component of your life can be impacted in one way or another. Many things that are healthy for you tend to fall to the wayside, with one of the first things being your eating habits. There are many other aspects of life...

Diet Culture Causes Eating Disorders

Diet culture is toxic. It promises success, happiness, and health if you can attain a thin or fit ideal and restrict yourself in the name of healthy eating. Diet culture is defined by registered dietician and nutritionist Christy Harrison as a belief system that...

Why 92% of Goals Fail – What to do Instead

With a New Year, most likely you will hear the common phrase, ‘New Year, New Me’. This highlights that so many of us set about creating some major changes in our lives come every January; things like eating healthier, stopping binge eating or exercising more. Yet, 92%...

How to Reduce Overeating at Christmas

 Standing in your local supermarket, you glance between the produce section, where you intended to go, and the aisle of baked goods. Deep down you know that if you go down the baked goods aisle that you will trigger your overeating at Christmas mindset and this will...

7 Signs of Binge Eating Disorder

It is a common misconception that if you suffer from Binge Eating that you are either overweight or obese. Although the disorder can cause weight gain over time, it can occur in anyone, regardless of their size, age, gender, or race. This lack of awareness, and the...

7 Ways Your Sleep and Eating Patterns are Linked

Sleep is essential to maintaining your mental and physical health, and it has some surprising impacts on your eating choices as well. If you are struggling with: Controlling your weight; Managing cravings; Emotional or Stress Eating; Binge Eating; Night-time Eating...

Obsessive Focus on Body Image Leads to Disordered Eating

Not just overweight people suffer from a negative body image, it can be anyone. This tends to lead to dieting and patterns of restrict and binge eating.

7 Tips For Balance While Working From Home

Working from home can be fantastic but it can also be tricky as you’re always in your own space, trying to balance work and life. Here are 7 simple tips to help you with working from home.

Easter: Doing It Differently This Year

During the CoronaVirus Pandemic you might be missing out on your usual Easter rituals. Use these tips to create new rituals and care for your emotional wellbeing through this time.


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