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Meet The Team

Joelle Hentschke

Administration Assistant

I have been an Administrator since 2011 for various companies in South Australia, and started working from home as a Virtual Assistant in 2013. Kellee and I connected through a mutual Virtual Assistant contact and I began my Fit Minds & Bodies journey in 2016. I thrive on the diverse and busy work environment within the clinic, which challenges me, as well as teaches me something new, every day.

I live in the coastal town of Port Lincoln, South Australia and love spending time with my family at the beach on the weekends, and am also a keen ametuer photographer. Working with Fit Minds & Bodies Clinic provides the opportunity to continue to be creative throughout the work week with writing and design.

Life experiences have taught me to be compassionate, empathetic and non-judgemental towards others, which aligns with the Fit Minds & Bodies Clinic values. Working for Fit Minds & Bodies gives me the opportunity to work from home, and this provides work-life balance for my family and lifestyle. As a parent, having a forward thinking and supportive working environment helps me to juggle my two daughters and their various sport and clubs events, work and everything in between!

My goal for the future is to begin a Diploma in Counselling from 2018 to be able to understand my own journey and experiences, and use the skills to help others on their own journey.

Kellee Waters

Mind & Body Architect

Consultant Psychologist & Hypnotherapist

I have been blessed to have had so many different experiences and people come into my life. Like everyone, some of the experiences and people try and negatively influence your life and push you down and others lift you up, guide and support you. Every experience shapes who you are. I believe that every experience, even the not-so-good experiences, has helped me be who I am today so therefore, I am thankful. I am stronger, more resilient, know who I am and what I want from life. I am still a work in progress though, just like everyone!! 🙂

I have had vast experiences from being a Professional Latin Performer and Coach; many family members who have passed; living with multiple rare chronic illnesses; adjusting to multiple injuries and rehab; discourse with family and friends; deep and close friendships; caring and supporting family members through illness and palliative care; discovering new and wonderful family (mum’s half sister) and connecting the stories of why and how this happened…..and so many more experiences.

My life experiences have helped me to also be a better Psychologist. I am naturally an empathetic and compassionate person but my unique experiences have deepened my ability to understand, guide, support and build rapport with clients.

My ultimate goal is to move back to the Sunshine Coast to be closer to family. I grew up at the Coast and the beach and it is the place that relaxes and rejuvenates me.