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Find out what is on offer from Kellee Waters and the Fit Minds & Bodies Clinic, just for you!

Here at Fit Minds & Bodies Clinic, we are committed to supporting you in reaching your goals for health and happiness. However, we understand that sometimes individual Consultations may be outside of your financial reach and this a great alternative option.  

This is why we offer an Online Group Coaching Program for people who suffer from Disordered Eating such as:

  • Binge Eating;
  • Food Addiction;
  • Emotional Eating;
  • Stress Eating, and
  • Night-Time Eating.

Get instant access to the Online Community and Coaching Program for 3 months! 


Food Addiction Therapy

Food Addiction Therapy: The Simple Eating Plan is an easy and effective plan to balance and improve brain-body functioning and connections, to eliminate bingeing and addiction without causing stress and relapse.

Within the first 5 pages you will find out how dieting has failed you and why it has led to your disordered eating patterns, food and psychology rules!

Binge Eating, Food Addiction and weight loss are very complex issues. The Food Addiction Therapy Plan has 5 simple steps that provides you with practical informaion and strategies, from all areas of research, to help you get started and reach your goals.

No more counting calories, obsessive weight, restriction, deprivation or starvation!

Design Your Life Journal

Design Your Life Journal provides the opportunity for you to focus on one aspect of your life at a time. Each week you will be guided with positive affirmations and focus changing questions, to help you challenge your beliefs, thoughts and behaviours.

Give yourself the gift of awareness and change, guided through 16 different aspects of your life, you will allow yourself to be more authentic and live closer to your true potential.

Your greatest success comes from having the courage to believe in yourself and your ability to overcome your past, your fears and step outside of your comfort zones.

By opening yourself to your journey, and experiencing life in a different way, you will be exposed to all the world has to offer you and you can provide it.

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Join the conversation with people who are on a similar journey as you, who want support and guidance to change their lives.

Gain Insight Into Your Unique Possibilities!

Valued at $150… For You Absolutely Free!


We are offering you a FREE 15-20 minute Possibilities Phone Consultation.


We are here to listen to you, understand you and your life experiences, and work with you to implement changes that will help lead to lifelong success.


Find out how we can guide you to empower yourself to live the life you want to live.

Book Your FREE Possibilities Phone Consultation Today!

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