At Fit Minds & Bodies Clinic we can help you BREAK negative cycles and OVERCOME underlying issues for long-term success, including:

Depression | Anxiety | Stress Management | Body Image Issues

Grief & Loss | Attachment Issues | Trauma & Abuse

Weight & Obesity | Food Addiction | Binge Eating | Yo-yo Dieting

Night-Time Eating |  Emotional Eating | Stress Eating

Weight Loss Surgery Assessment & Consultation



At Fit Minds & Bodies Clinic we empower you to create a life that you believe is worth living and that is filled with unique possibilities.

We help you to build the bridge and close the gap between where you are now and where you want to go.

We will support and guide you to understand your unique situation, yourself and the negative issues and provide you with realistic and practical information, support and strategies for change.

This will then enable you to feel and see hope.

You will then have the confidence in creating and directing a life filled with balance, acceptance, purpose, satisfaction, health and happiness.

My Professional Team and I will support and guide you to change your mindset from unhealthy to healthy. 

Fit Minds & Bodies Clinic can help you with your Disordered Eating & Weight Issues, including:

  • Binge Eating;
  • Food Addiction;
  • Emotional Eating;
  • Stress Eating;
  • Night-time Eating;
  • Yo-Yo Dieting, and
  • Weight Loss Surgery.

We help you to understand the complex issues that keep you stuck in the cycle of Disordered Eating and Weight Issues, and provide the hope and practical strategies to breaking the negative cycles.

Disordered Eating and Weight Issues are complex and are maintained by many underlying issues. These include:

  • Depression;
  • Anxiety;
  • Stress;
  • Trauma and Abuse;
  • Grief & Loss;
  • Attachment Issues;
  • Unresolved childhood issues;
  • Communication and Relationship Issues;
  • Negative Emotional Coping, Thought and Belief Patterns, and
  • Much More…

If you are like many, this has been a lifetime of anguish and torment and it is not going to take another 12-week challenge or diet, to change!

You need to understand that change is not going to be a quick fix.

Using an integrative approach of the mind and body, the Clinic offers long-term solutions and gets to the heart of the issues that have caused your problems with food and/or weight.

This includes, all of the patterns that are maintaining the behaviours and thoughts patterns that are keeping you stuck.

Working with Fit Minds & Bodies Clinic, you will start with the ‘Why’ – the psychology and understanding of what truly underlies and maintains your issues.

This will help you to finally change the negative patterns and build a life for health, happiness and balance; outside of food, eating, weight and your body.

The Professional team at Fit Minds & Bodies Clinic intimately understands both, Chronic Illness & Injury and Disordered Eating & Weight Issues.

Therefore, you know that you are understood, at a deeper level, and will never be judged or criticised, only supported.


If you want to break the negative cycles holding you back from living your best life from a place of strength, value and purpose, choose Fit Minds & Bodies Clinic for your support team for success.

Want to Rescue Your Relationship with Food?

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In the session, you will uncover why Disordered Eating patterns exist in your life and what’s holding you back from breaking free from them.

Identify the next steps to take to Rescue Your Relationship with Food over the next 6 months.

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