In the session you will uncover why Disordered Eating patterns exist in your life and what’s holding you back from breaking free from them.

You’ll identify the exact next steps to take to Rescuing Your Relationship with Food and make it happen over the next 6 months.

Kellee can help you with:


Stress and Emotional Eating


Night-time Eating


Binge Eating


Food Addiction


Yo-yo Dieting

In your Discovery Session you will:


Learn how you can improve your relationship with food, and find balance, with simple mindset and habit strategies.


Understand your personal challenges and why you can’t break free from Disordered Eating Behaviours and patterns of sabotage


Identify how your challenges are really impacting your life and stopping you from achieving what you want;


Get crystal clear on what you really want to achieve for yourself so that you can feel energised and motivated


Get your Rescue Your Relationship with Food Pathway Plan outlining the steps to move you towards the life you want for yourself so that you can have more energy, feel healthier and happier.

Let’s have some fun!

Hopefully, you know what I am talking about when I say, ‘Choose Your Own Adventure..’ When I was a child, they were a series of books. Now there are interactive games.

From here, pick the session that fits best with you and your situation. Once you choose this, simply click the button and book your 45-minute Zoom Session. Over to you…it’s time to…

Choose Your Own Discovery and Results Session: Book Your Session

***Places are Limited – you can be placed on a Waiting List

I appreciate that your time is a precious commodity. I want to guarantee that I provide you with as much value and clarity during your Discovery Session so that you know it is possible for you to move forward and create change in your life, to finally live the life you want and dream of.

This Session is your opportunity to be seen, heard and understood. The only way I can do this for you, is if you show up to the Session with openness, honesty and a willingness to share as much information with me, as possible.

I only have the capacity to take on just 2 new clients per month so this is why it is important that we both be fully present and connected during your Discovery Session.

To be placed on a Waiting List, please send an email to:

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