Kate’s Journey and Life Lessons

Kate’s Journey and Life Lessons

Where It All Started . . .

I was a fit and competitive teenager and spent a lot of time playing sport and being outside.

In my later teenage years, I got glandular fever.

I put on weight without the sport and some unhealthy habits snuck in like stress and night-time eating.

That meant that I wasn’t able to lose the weight and developed a negative relationship with food.

With the weight I gained I wasn’t comfortable going back to a sporting environment.

I didn’t feel comfortable enough to do something about losing the weight and this created a vicious cycle that spiraled out of control.

I loved sport and healthy food but something was blocking me…

It wasn’t as simple as just eat right and exercise and you’ll be fine!

I loved sport and eating healthy but there was something psychological that was blocking me from being able to help myself.

Making The Decision To Seek Help:

There were psychological patterns, or beliefs, that I just wasn’t able to change myself.

A Weight Loss Psychologist was an option for me.

The focus was on solutions, for my situation, that I had not seen anywhere else and that I wanted and needed.

I feel like there’s nothing blocking me anymore!

I can do whatever I want to do!

If I want to go play sports, I go and play sports.

If I’m hungry and I realise that I don’t have to eat like a fat person anymore.

I eat the foods that I like – healthy, vibrant food that makes me feel good.

I live a lifestyle where I’m in control and not held back at all.

My Weight Loss Psychologist helped me to create and live the life that I wanted to live. It’s been an amazing journey!

I finally learned and understood that there was nothing wrong with me!

My beliefs were holding me back!

My Breakthrough Moment:

There’s nothing wrong with me and I can lose weight. It’s my beliefs and habits that stopped me from being able to change myself!

It was a huge sense of relief.

It was a huge sense of accomplishment that I can do whatever I want to do, and I can be whoever I want to be, without these beliefs holding me back.

To stop suppressing things is confronting and can make you feel like you want to stop the process.

The things that are blocking you are not on the surface and you do need the help of a Weight Loss Psychologist to get you through that.

When things do come to the surface, it can be quite confronting and you may feel like you want to bury it again and just keep living like you are, as it is more comfortable.

Pushing through it has amazing benefits!

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Valued Life Lessons Learned From The Journey:

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Life Lesson 1

Surround Yourself with Supportive Tools to Help You be in Control for Change

You are in control of your own thoughts! If you are not mentally in a good place – if you’re stressed, rundown, tired, etc. – you actually have the power to change it.

Surround yourself with things that can help you change that – a checklist, a reminder, funny movies or music.

This is really powerful and it helps you get unstuck.

Life Lesson 2

What are You Going to Do to Make Your Life the Way You Want it to Be?

What are you going to do to create the life you want?

You may not think that a Weight Loss Psychologist is within your budget.

But when you really look at how much you are spending on unhealthy food and habits, it may easily be a few hundred dollars.

If you invest in yourself wisely then it sets you up to make change and live the life you want to live.

This is an investment in myself and a gift to myself

Every day I wake up with a clearer mind and I think I’m so glad I did that.

The biggest change and benefit is the change in my healthy mindset.

I say yes to things all the time now.

If my friends want to go play sport or go for a run or anything like that, I don’t have those constant beliefs in my life like, ‘you can’t do that you’re a fat person, or you can’t be seen doing that because you’ve got wobbly bits’.

I think by firstly having my mindset cleared out, reviewed and restructured, it means that I’m able to do all these things daily that I always wanted to do but somehow put up blocks to.

I can exercise every day without going through that mental battle of whether I’m going to do it or not, and what people are going to think when they see somebody bit chubby running.

I see healthy food now as something that fuels me for the activities I want to do.

Living Life Versus Existing In Life – Pulling Down The Barriers And Obstacles:

In just one (1) year, there have been incredible changes in my whole life. I’ve changed careers.

I’ve got involved in sports in the way I always hoped I would be.

I’m not going to say that I’m always happy all the time, I’m still human and still go through problems, but I have the tools so that when things go wrong it’s not the end of the world.

Old Habits Die Hard But Occur Less Often:

If it is a rainy day, and there’s nothing to do outside, all my sporting is not on, then I can very easily sit on the couch and eat something.

Now I don’t do that, but it’s still not an automatic process to NOT do that.

I find that I’m still working on that and I am quickly coming to the right conclusion for myself and my body.

Every time that does come up, I think well that used to come up every single day, now it comes once every few months now.

However, it is a good reminder of where you have come from and how far.

Advice For Others . . .

Stop doing bad diets!

Stop joining new gym programs!

You don’t actually need all of that.

Think of all the money that you’re going to spend on that and just go and have a few sessions with a Weight Loss Psychologist.

I think that if you’re in a similar position to me, you would know yourself that there’s something else going on here.

There are beliefs you need to change!

Change them as it will change all areas of your life and it will be amazing.


If you are like Kate and would like extra support from a Psychologist to guide you through your weight loss journey, Fit Minds & Bodies Clinic can help you. 

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