Food and Weight is NOT the ‘Problem’: Part 2

Food and Weight is NOT the ‘Problem’: Part 2

In Food and Weight is Not the ‘Problem’: Part 1, we started to look at some of the possible reasons underlying your food and weight issues. Today, I want you to turn your focus towards the importance of your language and perception.

All to often, you most likely use blanket statements about a situation – this takes away your power. You need to open up and unpack these statements and situations to understand them better.

An all-or-nothing negative blanket-statement might sound like this:

‘I am either in control and eating well or out of control and eating everything in sight. I have no control with or around food.’

Statements like this can become like a self-fulfilling prophecy – if you say you have no control, you won’t have any control. If you say that you are an emotional eater than you will be!

Your language and perception have the power to lift you up or pull you down.

Would You Rather . . .

Life is all about making choices, and you have a choice to make about your language and perceptions.

You can either choose to:

1. Maintain the language and perceptions that continue to pull you closer towards Disordered Eating (Emotional Eating, Stress Eating, Binge Eating, Night-time Eating, Food Addiction), weight and body issues (body hatred, weight gain, yo-yo dieting, body dissatisfaction),


2. Change your language and perceptions to support and move you towards living a life FREE from food and body issues, filled with balance, happiness and purpose.

If you choose to start changing your language and perceptions, your next choice to make is to dig deeper into the underlying issues of your food and weight symptoms.

Creating change for your relationship with food and weight does not happen in one step and overnight.

It involves you digging deeper and be honest with yourself about your behaviours, patterns and cycles surrounding food and weight.

To help you get started I have created an action guide downloadable PDF which includes your own step-by-step guide to unpack your stories surrounding food.

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