8 Easy to Prepare Healthy Snacks

8 Easy to Prepare Healthy Snacks

 1. Veggie Sticks and Hummus Dip

Eating raw vegetables provides you with vitamins and minerals that benefit your health.

Hummus is made from chickpeas and they are high in antioxidants and healthy fibre 

2. Baked Sweet Potato Fries with a sprinkle of melted cheese.

Sweet potatos are a healthy carb option and can subsititue white potatoes in many meals.

Sweet potatoes are high in Vitamin B6, and are a good source of Vitamin C, magnesium and potassium. 

3. Ham Cup with Baked Egg

Eggs are an inexpensive and high quality protein.

The egg whites are rich in selenium, Vitamins and minerals such as zinc, iron and copper.

4. Apple chunks, chopped walnuts (13 halves) and cinnamon

Apples are extremely rich in important antioxidants, flavonoids, and dietary fibre.

Apples may help reduce the risk of developing cancer, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease.

Walnuts are a source of anti-inflammatory omega-3 essential fatty acids and are rich in antioxidants, as well as Vitamin B.

5. Greek yogurt and berries

Get your hit of antioxidants with seasonal berries mixed with Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt is a fantastic source of calcium, potassium, protein, zinc and vitamins.

It contains probiotics and has twice the protein content of regular yogurts.

6. Reduced fat Ricotta cheese with chopped Pear and Cinnamon

Pears mixed with naturally lower in fat ricotta cheese and cinnamon which is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Pears are rich in antioxidants, flavonoids and dietary fibre.

Pears have a positive connection with weight loss.

7. Chia Pudding – chia seeds and milk (of your choice) with cocoa

Chia is high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and also includes protein, Omega-3 and dietary fibre, without the high calorie count.

Two teaspoons of cocoa contains 25 calories and 1.5g fat.

Along with these benefits cocoa is rich in minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, copper and manganese.

8. Baked Zucchini chips with feta, paprika and sea salt

Packed in this snack is all the goodness from zucchinis which includes Vitamin A, magnesium, folate, potassium, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and protein.

Also the health benefits from feta cheese which includes supports bone health, boosts immune system, maintains gut health, prevents headaches and natural treatment for anaemia.

With any healthy eating plan for every day, or for weight loss, you should aim for two snacks per day – one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon.

By planning your snacks ahead for your busy days, you will reach for healthier options and give the junk food a skip. 

If you suffer from Disordered Eating it is important to maintain a healthy combination of carbohydrates and protein to balance the nutrients and reduce cravings.

When eating snacks, it is important to ensure you eat until you are slightly satisfied and not reach over-fullness.


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