Prioritise Yourself: Create a Healthy Routine

Prioritise Yourself: Create a Healthy Routine

Creating a daily routine and schedule for yourself is making a commitment to yourself, your goals and your future self. It is making an appointment with yourself, like you would with anyone else, and not letting yourself down or deprioritising yourself for other commitments or people.

I would like to think about yourself like you do a friend or family member. If you make a commitment to them, generally you do not want to let them down, disappoint them or just NOT SHOW UP! 

You are just as important! Making a commitment to yourself is just the same as making a commitment or appointment with someone else. 

When you create a routine, keep your appointment with yourself so you don’t let yourself down, feel disappointed or not important.

I’m going to yell this at you so you truly get it:




You need to start with  creating a positive influence within your life, over your internal and external worlds. Developing a routine and schedule that aligns with you and your purpose is life changing. You will empower yourself towards becoming all you can be.

Let’s get started on creating your routine for success using the following tips:

Tip #1 – Be Truly Honest with Yourself

You need to get honest with yourself! 

Keep a diary for 2-3 days, and be 100% honest with yourself about what happens in your day. You will be able to see what you are spending your time on.

By getting clear on these things, you will be able to develop a solution-focused direction and plan for yourself, to fulfil your life goals, and help you live with balance, purpose and meaning.

Tip #2 – Create a Schedule

Next, you can create a schedule and plan for your days that support you, rather than maintaining chaos and stopping you from getting results. Remember, there will be similar days while other days will be scheduled differently. 

The goal is to be able to be flexible when needed and mostly committed and able to prioritise what is going to help you develop a sustainable life for yourself.

The aim is for you to take charge of yourself and your life and not let life, chaos and other people control you. By connecting and internalising the importance of your daily schedule, it will help you to continue to prioritise yourself, your needs and your goals and empower you to create boundaries.

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Give yourself the attention and time that you need.

Tip #3 – Success Is Found In Repetition

Think about when you were a child and you were learning how to read . . .

Did it just magically happen, or did you have to start with the first step of knowing what the letters were, their sounds and then how they made words? 

Then eventually, you learned how to put words together to make sentences. In the beginning this was difficult and you had to put in time and effort to understand it. 

Over time you learnt how to create more and more complex sentences that become paragraphs and they made up a story. 

Now, you take this skill for granted. You just do it!

Creating the life you want and getting results that you want, is just like learning how to read. 

In the beginning, you can’t see the bigger picture of how a letter, something so small, can become a sentence and then can create a story, something so big and wonderful. 

You need to have faith that by putting in the time, energy and effort and being consistent with repetition that you will create a new story for yourself.

Tip #4 – Challenges Are Lessons!

In the face of perceived barriers, failure or setbacks, don’t just throw your hands up. See the value in these as they are lessons that guide you and help you to build resilience.

Find the lesson and understand what you need to, to enable you to keep moving forward. If you miss the lesson you will miss the opportunity to learn and grow. The beauty in the lesson is that it focuses your energy and mindset on maintaining action versus inaction. 

There is no perfection! 

See your action, change and growth in percentages and make these the target of your 80% achievement.

Tip #5 – Set Yourself Up for Success – Develop Your Morning Routine!

This is the most important step for making yourself a priority in your own life. 

Setting yourself up at the beginning of your day, sets you up for your day. 

If you start your day with activities and action steps that support your goals and life, then you are creating healthy habits.

It is important to know that routines are not meant to be rigid, obsessive, compulsive and used to unhealthily manage anxiety. 

Having a routine still requires you to be flexible, and to be able to work with change and the unknown, and not be completely derailed when things aren’t working out. When your routine becomes out of whack, follow these steps to get back on track. 

Now to the fun part 🙂 

Firstly, you need to be curious about your current morning routine to see what and how it could be setting you up to have a negative, chaotic day or positive day. 

Identify what is working and what is not.

Now, you cannot change everything at once so pick only 2-3 things that you believe are going to make a difference, are achievable and you can consistently maintain. 

Remember, they do not have to be big. Sometimes, the smallest action can make the greatest impact.

Everyone is different in their needs and routines. 

You need to find what is right for you and what is the right fit, at the time.

Most importantly, you need to work within your energy cycles. Some people are morning people while others are night owls. What is going to help build your energy and utilise your cycle’s capacity, in the morning? 

For example, if you are pushing yourself to exercise in the morning but this is when your energy is the lowest, you will tax your energy.

Here is a gentler awakening routine for such people:

  • Hydrate with a glass of water;
  • Stretching/yoga and breathing to get your body moving and energised, and
  • Eat a nutritious breakfast.

Here are just a few things that can be powerfully impacting for your morning routine:

  • Waking at the same time every day (not hitting the snooze button);
  • Guided meditation – guided;
  • Journaling;
  • Movement such as stretching or yoga;
  • Positive affirmations;
  • 2-3 positive action steps to achieve in the day;
  • Connect and read your daily schedule;
  • Eat a nutritious breakfast, and
  • Hydrate by drinking water. 

To help you to create your Mindful Morning Routine, we have come up with an easy to fill in poster. Fill it in and put it up somewhere where you will see it all the time. 

Fill in the form below to receive your copy of the Mindful Morning Routine poster and start to prioritise yourself with a new morning routine! 

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