Forget Weight. Focus on Your Most Positive Life

Forget Weight. Focus on Your Most Positive Life

When you focus purely on weight and food, you become trapped in a cycle of sabotage and negativity. 

From an early age, your brain is programmed to process negative information with greater efficiency.

Therefore, most likely you are going to have a negative bias which means that you will pay more attention to the negative cues in your environment than the positive cues.

Negative bias is very strong and hardwired into your brain and this has a significant influence on your behaviours, emotions and thoughts.

Due to the predisposition to your brain reacting more strongly to the negative, it may ultimately stop you from making any positive change.

One big positive experience does not necessarily override your negative bias.

It takes five small positive feelings, thoughts, emotions, memories or actions, to outweigh one negative bias.

To create true change for your health and happiness goals, you need to focus on developing a fuller life with small changes.

Five (5) Tips to Start Living Your Most Positive Life

Tip #1 – Take Steps Towards Achievable Change

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Focusing on achievable changes outside of weight and food can help you feel success and build your self-confidence. 

Here are some examples of activities you can do to change your focus:

  • Join a book club;
  • Join a yoga class;
  • Increase your water intake,
  • Take an art class or a dance class;
  • Go for a 30 minute walk several times a week, or
  • Choose 3 new recipes every fortnight to cook.

Tips #2 – Turn a Negative into a Positive

Think About the Negative in a Different Light

When you start having negative thoughts or feelings, acknowledge them as they are part of you.

They are trying to tell you something, whether it be something that you need to pay attention to or whether you need to make peace with it.

The more you try and understand them, the less power they have over you.

Once you have acknowledged your thought and feelings, start to find the positive side of the negative thought.

Even if you initially see the negative, find something positive about the situation.

The more you do this, the more you will notice that you stop focusing on the negatives and you will automatically start seeing the positives first.

By acknowledging the negative thoughts or feelings you may even just be able to realise that it is no longer helpful or holds a place in your life and you can let it go.


Tip #3 – Live in The Moment

Live in The Moment

This may sound cliché but being disconnected from the present keeps you away from experiencing and living life.

Many people who have body-image, weight or disordered eating issues are disconnected from themselves and life.

When you find you are focusing all of your energy towards the negatives, what you hate, your past, or future, take 5 deep breaths and look around the room, and:

  • Name things you can see,
  • Notice the people around you, or
  • Feel the sun on your skin.

When you are living in the moment, you are truly experiencing your life, and it allows you to stop overthinking and is a part of practicing mindfulness.


Tip #4 – Maintain a Routine

Maintain a Routine

Maintaining a routine is beneficial for:

  • Providing structure to your day
  • Building positive habits;
  • Reducing procrastination;
  • Helps reduce stress, and
  • Keeping track of your achievements.

Create and maintain a routine as much as possible for:


  • Getting a good night’s sleep;
  • A morning routine to get your day started;
  • Managing your stress and emotions throughout the day;
  • Regular meals and balanced eating, and
  • Activity to keep your body moving.

Tip #5 – Keep Moving

Keep Moving

Exercise and physical activity does not always mean, boring and sweaty workouts at the gym!

There are many different ways to keep active, and you don’t always have to spend money to enjoy it.

Many pleasurable and fun activities you can enjoy are free:

  • Greet the sunshine with a brisk walk by yourself, with family, friends or your dog in the park;
  • Plant something green in your backyard;
  • Get a towel/yoga mat and do stretches, or yoga outside;
  • Head to the beach for an invigorating, or gentle swim, or
  • Go for a bike ride.

Have fun!

Life is meant to be lived!

When you become stuck in a cycle of negative patterns, behaviours and feelings, you tend to miss out all that life has to offer.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by negativity holding you back from reaching your health and weight goals, get in touch with Fit Minds & Bodies Clinic.

Seeking professional help shows your true strength and commitment to your health and happiness.

Fit Minds & Bodies Clinic offers a unique integrative approach that helps you to develop a healthy mind and body.

This will support you towards true change for your psychological, emotional and physical health.

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