What's Your Relationship with Food?

There are people who see eating and food as nutrition and fuel – nothing more, nothing less!

However, there are others who see food very differently and their relationship with food is more than just nutrition.

Food can be used:

  • For pleasure;
  • To fill needs;
  • To manage emotions, and/or
  • To connect socially to people.
Using food for these reasons is called Eating Disorders and/or Disordered Eating Behaviours. Some of these issues include:
  • Emotional Eating;
  • Stress Eating;
  • Binge Eating;
  • Restrict and Binge;
  • Night-time Eating, and
  • Food Addiction.

To find out what your relationship is with food…

Note: When answering the questions, consider your patterns and relationship with eating and food within a minimum period of 12 months.

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